Diamond Cut Types For Your Engagement Ring

One of the first considerations as you choose an engagement ring for yourself or your partner is what cut you’d like to see in your diamond. “Square cut or pear shaped, these rocks won’t lose their shape” still holds true today. We’ll help you get to the bottom of what shapes of diamonds are available to you for your bridal jewelry..



This diamond cut is a classic for a reason. A perfectly executed round cut diamond has some of the best flash and fire in the industry. When evaluating round cut diamonds in bridal jewelry, be sure to ask about the depth and table of the cut, to avoid a diamond that is too shallow or too deep.



This popular cut gives an old world feel and lots of bang for your carat weight buck. Watch out for a common defect in the cut of oval diamonds called the “bow tie effect” in which a dark shadow lands across the center. Oval cuts have been going through a spike in popularity in the last few years, due to the fact that the oval cut gives you a larger surface area per carat. Oval cut diamonds can be set on a ring centered or slightly off center, to give you a range of wedding band options.



The cousin of the round cut diamond, the cushion cut gives you a more unique profile while maintaining most of the fire and scintillation of a round diamond. The cushion comes in two standard cuts: the Brilliant and the Modified. You can also find cushions in various ratios, including an elongated shape.


Emerald Cut:

For fans of the Art Deco Period, nothing can surpass the brilliant fire of an emerald cut diamond. Of all the cuts out there, the emerald produces some of the strongest white light reflection, known as fire. While multi-color scintillation is low in this piece, the clean bright light it gives off is a show-stopper that harkens back to a nostalgic time.



The Radiant cut diamond gives the unique shape of an emerald, while adding the multi colored scintillation of the more intricate cuts. This cut diamond goes well with halos, hidden halos, or diamonds in prongs, to augment it’s extravagant sparkle. This has been a less common choice recently, which gives you a chance to create a ring as unique as you are.


Other Fancy Cuts 

There are several other diamond cuts that, while less popular, have stood the test of time. Each gives you the chance to create a look that will be noticed for its subtle uniqueness.



Pear cuts must be very carefully cut to avoid darkening in the center. A good pear cut diamond should exhibit a uniform white fire, with increasing scintillation on its narrow end.



Marquise shaped diamonds share many of the benefits of the oval cut as far as more surface area per carat weight. It’s also experiencing a renaissance right now, and is becoming increasingly popular.



Asscher cuts give you the bright white fire of an emerald cut in a square format that may be more comfortable for some wearers.



Heart and other novelty cuts are generally used for sentimental purposes, and the cutting standards have not yet become uniform. A trained professional can help you find the best option for your bridal set.


Where to Find Them

These diamond cuts can be found in stock here at Mavilo Wholesalers, in various sizes and qualities to fit your exact needs. We can meet with you in person, or virtually to show you our stock and help you create your perfect engagement ring. Our proprietary wholesale buying platform allows us access to stock across the world to ensure we can find the biggest and best diamond in your budget. Book an appointment today!