Trending: Oval Cut Diamonds for Your Engagement Ring

At Mavilo Wholesalers, we like to keep you up to date with the latest trends in wedding jewelry. Right now we’re pleased to report a new trend in our diamond engagement rings: Oval cuts

Why Oval Cuts are Hot Right Now

Like most trends, the passion for oval cut engagement diamonds started for a practical reason: Oval cuts are the most brilliant way to make the most of the visual impact of your carat weight. Diamond cuts that have more top-facing surface area, like the oval cut, make more of the total diamond visible, giving you a bigger bang for your carat weight buck. Meanwhile, oval cuts contain many of the same features that make round cuts so brilliant, giving you the best of both worlds. 

Who’s Who in Oval Cuts

Oval cut diamonds are being worn by some of the most popular celebrities of our day. Blake Lively sports a rose-gold set oval given to her by her fiancé Ryan Reynolds, Justin Beiber gave Hailey Baldwin a massive 10 carat oval for their engagement, and Ariana Grande’s oval diamond ring sports a pearl and diamond halo. Perhaps most iconic of all is the 18 carat flawless oval given to Beyonce by Jay-Z. 

How to Choose Your Perfect Oval

Oval cuts are particularly varied when it comes to size ratios. They can vary from near round, to an elongated ellipse depending on the ratios chosen by the cutters. A diamond professional can help you choose the cut ratio that delivers the best quality shine, while eliminating imperfections in cuts, including the dreaded “bow tie effect” that elongated cuts can suffer from.

If you’re ready to jump on the oval trend for your engagement ring, and you are in the Tampa area, come in to visit one of our Mavilo Wholesalers professional diamond guides to find the best oval cut for your needs. If you live outside of Tampa, we’d be happy to meet with you virtually to ensure you can be confident in your diamond buying decisions.