Inclusions That Destroy

In the Tampa engagement ring market, you may have come across diamonds that are significantly discounted and wondered why. One of the reasons a diamond is extremely discounted could be because of a poor clarity rating. Clarity ratings reveal the rate of inclusions in a diamond.

Inclusions could be anything from a discoloration to a cloudiness to a severe stress fracture that could lead to damage and loss of the diamond as it experiences natural wear and tear. If the diamond you are choosing is the main feature in your engagement ring, these severe inclusions, known as “chips” or “feathering” could result in a fatal flaw in your dream engagement ring. 

The term “feathering” refers to an angled crack that, at best, results in a distinct cloudiness and patterning and at worst create a structural problem for the diamond. Feathering near the girdle has been known to expand over time and stress, and in some instances has resulted in a broken diamond and a ruined ring. 

To avoid buying a diamond with this fatal flaw, a great rule of thumb is to avoid diamonds with a clarity of SI or lower. You can also check the details on the GIA certificate, and avoid any diamonds with an inclusion labeled “chip” or “feathering”, or those with a large proportion of laser drill holes. This is particularly true of such inclusions that are near the outside edge of the diamond.

At Mavilo Wholesalers, we have a saying: “If you don’t know diamonds, know your diamond dealer.” We refuse to stock diamonds with these fatal flaws, so you always know you’re buying an engagement ring that will last a lifetime. Come visit us for a diamond consultation, and our experienced staff will show you a range of high-quality, reliable diamonds in your price point so you can be confident in the future of your wedding rings.