The Kimberley Process: Your Guarantee for Ethical, Conflict-Free Diamonds for Your Engagement Ring

You may have heard of conflict diamonds, or “blood diamonds”. For years, diamonds have been misused by people in areas of extreme conflict to finance weapons that are turned against civilians in genocidal conflicts. In order to ensure that your diamond engagement ring does not help these dictators and criminals, the industry has created a certification to verify that the diamonds it’s diamonds do not support cruelty in developing nations. This certification is called the “Kimberley Process”.

59 of the top diamond buying and selling countries have participated in the body certifying Kimberley diamonds. These countries have worked together with the rules set down by the United Nations to ensure that diamonds certified by the body are not used to finance conflict and cruelty. If you see a diamond that is Kimberley Process certified, you can be more confident in your purchasing decision. 

The Kimberley Process Seal looks like this:

At Mavilo Wholesalers, we supply the Tampa Bay area with only Kimberley Certified diamonds they can purchase with confidence and freedom, knowing that the symbol of love and commitment they buy for their partners never caused hurt or pain to an innocent victim.