90-Day Free Resizing


At Mavilo, we have always believed that jewelry, especially something as intimate and personal as an engagement ring or a wedding band, is more than just a piece of adornment. It's a symbol of love, commitment, and the promise of a lifetime. Understanding this deep connection, we recognize that when our customers invest in such meaningful pieces, they are placing their trust in us. To honor this trust and ensure complete satisfaction, we have introduced our 90-day complimentary resizing service.

The essence of this service is rooted in our commitment to perfection. We understand that selecting the perfect ring is a meticulous process, and sometimes, despite our best efforts, the size might not be just right. Maybe the finger swells due to changes in weather, or perhaps there's a subtle weight fluctuation. Sometimes, the fit might feel different from day to day. It's for these very reasons and many more that we offer this generous three-month period.

During these 90 days, our patrons have the leisure to wear their rings, experience them, and if necessary, come back to us to adjust the fit. This ensures that the ring isn't just visually appealing but also comfortable and tailored to the unique contours of one's finger. After all, a ring that symbolizes eternal love should not cause discomfort.

However, while we strive to accommodate as many requests as possible, it's essential to be aware of some exceptions. Rings crafted from alternative metals have distinct properties. The nature of these metals might make them more challenging to resize without compromising their structural integrity. Similarly, eternity rings, with their continuous line of gemstones or diamonds, present a unique challenge. Resizing them might disrupt the uniformity and beauty of the stones encircling the band. Lastly, special or custom orders have specifications tailored to individual preferences. Altering them might not always be feasible without affecting the original design envisioned by the customer.

At Mavilo, our primary focus is, and has always been, the satisfaction of our customers. The journey with a piece of jewelry begins much before it's purchased and continues long after. From the moment someone walks into our store or browses our online collection, we are committed to providing an unparalleled experience. Our consultants guide potential buyers, understanding their preferences, offering insights, and ensuring they make a choice that resonates with them.

Once a piece is selected, our relationship with our customers doesn't end. The 90-day resizing policy is a testament to this enduring commitment. We want to make sure that every time you glance down at your ring or feel its weight on your finger, it brings nothing but joy. We do not want our patrons to feel any constraints due to size.

In conclusion, Mavilo isn't just about selling jewelry; it's about building relationships, fostering trust, and ensuring that our customers' investment in a symbol of love is perfect in every sense. The 90-day complimentary resizing service is our way of saying, "We're with you every step of the way." Whether it's to celebrate love, commitment, or any of life's significant moments, we're here to make sure it's nothing less than perfect.