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If you have been searching online and are curious to see the same/similar options for less with professional guidance our proprietary global diamond supply platform (Mavilo Net™) is the online gateway that connects you to the best of both worlds. Learn more about the experience.

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Choose the design theme that pairs perfectly with the Mavilo diamond and our inhouse designers begin the visualization process through 3D modelling every signature detail crafted to perfection.

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Our next-gen education app delivers more in-depth knowledge about diamonds than ever before.

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I was referred to this place by a friend and when I looked it up online, I was astounded by the perfect review from numerous customers. Upon getting to the store, it was obvious why customers were extremely happy: plethora of diamonds to choose from at competitive prices, professional, patient, excellent service and genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. In addition, the ring was made to perfection and she loved it!

Dozie E.

Today was our first time at Mavilo and we had a wonderful experience. Looking at diamond rings has never been more enjoyable and stress free. There was no pressure to make a decision on the spot, which is very cool and unique in a sales environment. Major props Mavilo! Looking forward to making a decision soon.

David G.

My experience at Mavilo was absolutely amazing. I worked with Kim to pick out an engagement ring for my fiancé and was extremely impressed by the customer service I received. She did an excellent job educating and providing a vast diamond selection to help me find the perfect diamond. I would definitely recommend Mavilo to anyone.

Robert J.

Sarah @ Mavilo was an absolute delight to work with. She patiently guided my wife to the perfect ring combination and diamond. Her little diamond games are fun and insightful! A true professional and a real gem.

Robert C.

I did not get a “sales pitch” but instead an education on the important attributes of diamonds. Other jewerly stores talk about size and clarity, which is basic information. The quality of the cut, the GIA rating, and even the table size of the diamond all contribute to its’ brilliance. My fiancé gets compliments on a weekly basis from complete strangers because it really is the most sparkly, glittery engagement ring I have ever seen!!!

Taylor S.

Don't waste your time anywhere else. Go to Mavilo. Ask for Ms. Jolie. Get your diamond. Propose to your significant other. Get on with your life, but do it with a Mavilo diamond."

Paul P.