The Mavilo Edge

When you buy from Mavilo, you'll discover diamonds and jewelry of the highest quality, at a price that may cause you to ask: how do we do it? Well, we have spent over two decades developing beneficial partnerships and sourcing, design and manufacturing advantages, enabling us to keep our standards exceptionally high and our profit margins attractively low. That's the Mavilo Edge.


We travel the world for the highest quality diamonds and precious gemstones, negotiating at major markets across the globe where we gain crucial knowledge about what's driving the diamond market and the jewelry industry at large. We look at thousands of diamonds and select only those that meet our very particular criteria . which means only about 2% make the cut. Other retailers go through second or third parties to purchase diamonds and finished jewelry and then they pass the markup on to their customers, or they even sell a diamond from virtual inventory that they've never even seen or evaluated personally. At Mavilo, we have spent decades building relationships with the top suppliers so that we can aggressively buy directly from the source. We can guarantee the quality and brilliance of every stone in our Mavilo Exclusive Diamond Inventory, because it has already met our rigorous requirements.


Mavilo has an in-house team with a passion for design and decades of experience working with customers to understand the importance of fit, style and proportion. From our exclusive Oliva, Venicio, and Links Collections to more classic pieces, our aesthetic and attention to detail is comparable to that of the highest-caliber design houses, and you will find our brand laser-inscribed on most pieces as a testament to the quality and prestige associated with the Mavilo name. We also feature a highly edited, large selection of outside designer collections, from fun, casual Alex + Ani, to ultra-refined, European-inspired work from Mazza and Marika. We have our finger on the pulse of design direction and how it affects short and long term trends, and get really excited whenever we introduce a new line that we know will resonate with our customers. Design is in our DNA – the only thing we are more passionate about is sharing it with you!


Mavilo invests in the latest technology, equipment and skilled talent to ensure that our designers' concepts are produced exactly as envisioned, down to the smallest detail. Complicated techniques such as milgrain, micro pave, micro prong and channel-set are achieved flawlessly, resulting in finely crafted jewelry that is both beautiful and enduring. We think it's important to employ the best bench jewelers (traditional craftsmen) AND computer design specialists so that the final product reflects best practices from both techniques.

Technology is only as good as the latest innovation, so we make it a priority to stay on the cutting edge, and also to find ways to integrate new methods and approaches into all aspects of our business. A great example is our use of Computer Aided Design (CAD), which has transformed not only the way we develop our own collections, but how we are able to work with our customers on custom orders and commissioned designs. Our on-staff CAD artist utilizes software that allows us to create 2- and 3-dimensional renderings exactly to your specifications. This means you can preview your custom piece from all angles with incredible precision, on a computer monitor, before our bench jeweler picks up a tool! Revisions are incredibly easy to complete, and we can even use our 3D Printer to create an exact replica, to scale, so you have an idea of exactly what the final product will be like. Since we've implemented CAD, CAM (Computer Aided Milling/Manufacturing) and 3D printing technology, our already high satisfaction rate on custom work has jumped to nearly 100%, and volume has increased significantly.